George has worked in the food service repair field for over twenty  years. Early college courses prepared him for  his vocation. Extensive hands on field experience along with numerous  manufacturer training classes in refrigeration and commercial cooking equipment have formed his skills over the years.
While working as a technician, he observed  the dissatisfaction of many business  owners  and  restaurant  managers with the "take it or leave it" poor quality  of service  offered to them. This led to them trying out a continual revolving  door of companies that fell short of their needs.
ProTex Restaurant Services offered George an opportunity  to coach and mentor new and talented technicians and raise the bar of expectations and professional services in the restaurant field.
Partnering and building relationships with technicians and business  professionals to solve problems is his passion.

​Commercial HVAC, Refrigeration, Kitchen Equipment, and Laundry 
In Corpus Christi And The Surrounding Area

After completing years of college and working in the HVAC field for over 10 years, Robert was able to see a need for quality and service in the industry. ProTex Restaurant Services was founded to meet and exceed the needs of today's business professionals. Our mission at ProTex is to provide the highest quality of service and repairs at the best possible price to our customers.



Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Robert Newcomer grew up in a family full of restaurant owners and managers, making the food industry a natural choice. After managing restaurants and being a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years, Robert decided  it was time for a change. Robert decided to combine two of his passions; the need for quality service and the HVAC industry.


ProTex Restaurant Services was founded in 2014 by Robert Newcomer and George Loredo. It was started to provide something that you can't find in other service companies and that is "Service." Mr. Robert Newcomer has years of training in the food industry from culinary skills to customer service and has been a successful entrepreneur in the Corpus Christi area for decades. George Loredo is a highly skilled, trained service manager who has been in the HVACR industry most of his life. The pair met almost 10 years ago while working for one of those sub-par average service companies and together decided they could build a company that was far superior to others. Today that company is ProTex.

At ProTex, you will receive the highest level of service imaginable. Our staff is highly trained in customer service and are professional in every sense of the word. Our technicians are factory trained professionals and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they know their craft. Our technicians must undergo continuing education and ongoing training throughout each year they remain in the field. This ensures you a master technician, not someone who's just sticking parts in your equipment!